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For Private Party bookings, please call Steve @ 510-504-0628

For Private Parties Call Steve @ 510-504-0628 or

I Provide Karaoke and DJ services for private parties at any location
I use Mackie SRM450 speakers with a Mackie DFX12 mixer, Shure SM58 microphones, Shure wireless microphones and an ever growing song list that you see here on this site.
I am constantly adding songs and take requests. Same goes for my DJ song list. I can mix karaoke singers into the DJ dance mix so that the music never stops and always makes for a great party.

Provide karaoke for private parties at any location.

If you wish to have me bring karaoke to another location such as your home, hall, restaurant, etc my charges are $75/hour with one hour being charged for traveling and setting up.

Steve 510-486-1736



Cuisine of Karim Barsali
Catering French and Meditteranean Cuisine to the San Francisco Bay Area

Solo pianist Lee Allen provides the sophisticated, relaxing sound of a 3-5-piece jazz ensemble, performing original arrangements of standards, jazz and pop songs as instrumental background music. 

Lee Allen Pianist

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A crucial element in planning a party, wedding, or any event, is the entertainment. One of the best ways to entertain your guests is to provide them with a Karaoke Service. If you want to make your party come to life have Karaoke! Karaoke will keep your guests from leaving early and get them up and moving, dancing, mingling, and having fun. A sing along at a party is always a hit, which is only one of the reasons Karaoke is so popular. Karaoke Music is popular songs with the main vocal track taken out, leaving all the backup vocals and music present. When the song is played the words change color on the screen in time to the music and you sing along. Kareoke makes for a terrific Party. As a Kareoke Service or Karaoke Jockey I will keep the party fun and moving along. Great Kareoke Services can create great Event Entertainment and Party Entertainment with your KJ acting as the MC keeping your guests singing, dancing, laughing and having a great time. BerkeleyKaraoke.net is a professional Karaoke company providing services for Parties and Corporate and Special Events. This site pertains to the following search phrases: Karaoke Bay Area, Kareoke Bay Area, Karaoke Music Bay Area, Kareoke Music Bay Area, Sing Along Bay Area, Entertainment Bay Area, Party Sing Along Bay Area, Party Entertainment Bay Area, Event Entertainment Bay Area, Karaoke Service Bay Area, Kareoke Service Bay Area, Karaoke Services Bay Area, Kareoke Services Bay Area, Karaoke Jockeys Bay Area, Kareoke Jockeys Bay Area, Kjs Bay Area, Kj Bay Area